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Our aims

Building knowledge to stimulate action

Ultimately, EnAct aims to change how people think about energy – and how they act in relation to it. To this end, each reportage will serve as a gateway to content that can inform the decision-making of diverse actors and promote collective, cooperative action.

EnAct’s primary goal is to meet the information needs of concerned citizens who want to learn more about;
• the role of energy in social and economic development,
• how human demand for energy drives everything from production to pricing, and
• ways to participate in increasing energy access while reducing its impacts on the planet.

When we say we want people to “get” energy, we’re talking about both gaining access to clean, reliable sources and better grasping the complexities of the global energy system – and the need to transform it.

EnAct wants to people to “get” energy.

Our aim is to engage, inform, influence and empower energy actors

By reporting on the lives of energy users around the world, EnAct aims to demonstrate the vast disparities in access and attitudes, thereby showing:

• how inadequate energy impacts the health, well-being and socio-economic potential of half the world’s population, and

• that by better understanding their energy-related behaviour, the energy rich can become active in improving access, reducing demand and supporting a clean energy future.


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By engaging experts across the energy sector, EnAct aims to develop content to:

• increase understanding of the dysfunctions that allow energy poverty to persist,

• demonstrate that opportunity exists to expand energy access in clean, sustainable ways, and

• answer questions raised by EnAct followers.

In short, EnAct aims to connect the vast range of people who makes decisions about energy, and engage their individual commitment to participate in transforming the energy system, locally and globally.

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