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Our approach

Making connections to energy, ever day

The concept for EnAct grew out of an existing disconnect: while energy sector players develop reams of information about issues and solutions, most of the public remains poorly informed. They rely on energy for virtually every activity, yet understand little about how it arrives at the fingertips or how their energy consumption influences decisions throughout the energy sector.

Quarterly. Monthly. Weekly. Daily.

New content and connections to explore

To bridge this gap, EnAct will apply its expertise in making science, technology and policy accessible to non-experts, serving as the transmission and distribution channel to engage, inform, influence – and ultimately empower – energy consumers.

We will invite all followers to help make it happen, engaging first with energy experts to help shape EnAct in advance of a public launch.

Engaging insiders, then going public

EnAct has planned a two-phase launch over the winter of 2014/15.

• Phase 1: Engage the experts Initially, EnAct will focus on building relations with energy stakeholders, seeking their input to establish the editorial calendar, collecting new story ideas, and identifying experts who are willing to contribute (October 2014 – March 2015).

• Phase 2: Reach out to the public By Spring 2015, EnAct aims to have produced a full multimedia package, examining the question: What is energy? A feature article in GEO magazine, along with other targeted media placements, will set the stage for the public launch.

• Quarterly: compelling web documentaries will take followers inside situations of energy poverty or explore innovative solutions that lessen the impacts. Always, we will seek out unusual characters, surprising angles and diverse perspectives. The documentaries will drive a non-linear story matrix that evolves as EnAct develops.

• Monthly: extended expert interviews will provide additional insight into context of the web documentary from technology, policy, finance and social perspectives. Interactive elements will provide opportunity to learn and do and, in some cases, support information gathering to improve stakeholder understanding of consumer perceptions, behaviours and needs.

• Weekly: investigative reportage, feature articles, editorials, news stories, blogs, etc. EnAct will both create new content and disseminate relevant stories appearing in other news media. Importantly, EnAct will put stories into context, providing easy navigation to background information.

• Daily: EnAct’s social media strategy will transmit energy news from around the world, deliver facts and figures that people need to know, and provide opportunity share personal energy experiences.

To demonstrate this concept of combining personal stories with in-depth information about energy and the energy sector, the Creative Team has mapped out how one story idea might be developed.

EnAct’s social media and distribution strategies support the core vision to develop reporting that empowers.

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