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Use less, save more

High prices got you looking for ways to use less energy and save money? We’re building up a bank of proven tips and blogs to explain why they work.

But have you ever considered the bigger picture? The way people use energy (demand) drives the need to produce it (supply) and move it around the world (transmission and distribution or T&D). All of which influences greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), including CO2 (carbon dioxide).

That means the most valuable unit of energy is the one NOT used.

when we reduce consumption three key things happen:

  • It becomes easier to meet demand with local supply, boosting ‘energy security’
  • Less infrastructure for supply and T&D needs to be built and maintained, which means lower costs for energy consumers
  • Emissions get slashed along the entire supply chain, helping slow down climate change.

Across all energy uses, potential exists to reduce demand by around 30%. And that could cut related emissions by 40%!

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