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/ Globally, demand for cooling has more than tripled since 1990.

Can demand for cooling trigger global warming?

Of roughly 2 bln A/C units operating in the world, 70% are in homes; many are old and inefficient.1 By 2050, energy demand for cooling – even when accounting for improved efficiency – almost doubles.2

Almost all space cooling relies on electricity (in sharp contrast with ~60% of heating in the EU using fossil fuels and 26% burning wood). That means related CO2 emissions will fall the share of renewables in the energy mix increases.

A massive challenge, however, is that everyone ‘flips on’ the A/C at the same time – in the heat of the day. The extra ‘load’ stresses electricity grids and the need to get more power plants producing often drives up emissions and electricity prices.

Higher temperatures are expected to become the while heatwaves will be more severe and more frequent. So, to relieve stress on systems, save money on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint … a few low-energy tips to keep your cool!


Be smart about AC August 08, 2022