Extending the reach of energy news

Initial response to the concept and first outputs of EnAct confirm our belief that web documentaries are a powerful means of engaging new audiences in the energy story. Energy experts say the “up close and personal” approach provides new insights into the situations they are trying to address.

To achieve our ultimate goals of informing, influencing and empowering people, the next step is to embed these videos into multimedia packages that provide context, investigate issues, explore solutions and identify ways that individuals can take action. It is in promoting change that the Project will deliver its intended value.

Multimedia projects are, by nature, costly to produce – requiring diverse skills and substantial planning and production time. The narrative journalism style reflected in EnAct’s sample web documentaries also demands sufficient time in the field to identify characters and build their trust, capture context footage, and work closely with experts to ensure interviews will be accessible to public audiences.

Early in 2015, EnAct will post a detailed sponsorship proposal. For now, we highlight various ways to consider supporting the Project.


EnAct's approach delivers value in drawing new audiences to the energy story and providing powerful experiences for energy experts

Sponsors and grants

EnAct’s sponsorship package will set out specific benefits for various levels of contribution by corporate sponsors or granting organizations, including

• customized communications workshops led by members of the Creative Team
• recognition on Project outputs
• exclusive invitations to Project events
• opportunity to use EnAct photos for exhibitions
• use of content from the EnAct image bank
• special rates on book orders.

Special benefits for early supporters

As with all start-ups, EnAct faces the challenge of strategically allocating limited resources, with the risk that the need to focus on establishing partnerships and securing sponsors may delay the actual Project launch. EnAct is developing a special recognition package for sponsors who make a two-year commitment (or longer) – i.e. providing funding for Project Development (FY 2014/15) and Phase 1 (FY 2015/16 and/or FY 2016/17).


Become an EnAct champion

Tackling energy challenges typically requires collaborative effort. As a result, actors within a given sphere or geographical context are well-connected and often have a collective story to tell. Agencies or companies willing to promote EnAct within their own networks will be identified as Champions, along with the additional Sponsors they successfully recruit, noting the individual and total contributions.

Impact investors

The growing field of impact investment, which measures returns through both social impacts and financial gains, holds potential to be a transformative force in energy access initiatives. EnAct would welcome the opportunity to partner in documenting the roll-out of projects to facilitate broader uptake of successful models and analysis of projects that fall short of expected goals.

Associations, networks or employee groups

EnAct invites professional associations, networks or employee groups to leverage individual interest in supporting the Project into a collective donation that would grant Sponsor status and associated benefits to the parent organization.

Options for in-kind support

EnAct welcomes contributions that serve to reduce and/or off-set costs associated with production and operations, such as:

• provision of office space to establish a secretariat in Paris, France.
• translation services to support delivery of EnAct content in multiple languages.
• printing services for promotional materials and exhibit supports.
• hosting meetings (including travel and/or accommodation expenses) for the Creative Team and/or the Advisory Committee.
• air miles and/or airline tickets to support travel for reportage.
• insurance coverage for Creative Team and equipment while traveling.
• hosting of specific EnAct events (to be determined on a case-by-case basis).