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Great content starts with great sources

EnAct’s Creative Team combines journalistic skills and integrity with world-class talent across a range of creative arts – photo/video production, interactive and graphic design, writing/editing, etc. Our forte is creating compelling stories and making complex topics accessible to non-experts.

In developing the concept for EnAct, we’ve become energy news junkies, following stories from around the world about supply and demand, the impacts of energy poverty, technology advances, energy policies that influence industry choices, and financing challenges – the list goes on.

As we move through the start-up phase, we turn to energy sector players to help us take EnAct forward in different ways. Following are our first ideas on how we might partner to create great content. In early 2015, we will post an online form that makes it easy to let us know how you’d like to engage.

Collaborative input is vital to achieving EnAct's potential to enage, inform, influence and empower.

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EnAct aims to provide a platform through which energy experts can communicate directly to public audiences. We welcome your ideas for editorials, news stories, infographics and other elements.

Suggestions will be vetted by the Advisory Committee (and/or a sub-committee established to review content on a specific topic) and also by journalists/editors on the Creative Team to ensure it is well-suited to non-experts. Authors will be asked to review and respond to comments for a two-week period following publication.

Expert interviews

Each reportage developed by EnAct will include video interviews with experts who can provide diverse perspectives on the situation being explored. While the featured web documentary will highlight  short clips, EnAct is excited that a web platform supports giving followers the option to view longer versions – and experts the opportunity to provide more in-depth responses and explanations.



Join online discussions

EnAct aims to gives its followers opportunity to participate in online panel discussions with energy experts. The anticipated format is a one-hour “Town Hall” meeting with 3-4 experts reflecting diverse perspectives on a given topic, including a moderated Question & Answer period at the end.

Be an ambassador

Drawing audiences to EnAct is fundamental to its aims to engage, inform, influence and empower people to participate in energy access initiatives or transform their own consumption patterns. EnAct welcomes ideas for extending our reach through screenings of web documentaries at conferences, public events, staff meetings, etc. When possible and/or appropriate, such events may also be used as fundraising opportunities to support further reportage.