Additional outputs

Creating more ways to engage

Recognizing that many agencies and organizations are keen to draw public attention to energy issues, EnAct wants to facilitate activities that get people out from behind their computers.

photo exhibition: a selection of high-impact images will be made available to parties who wish to host exhibitions.

energy image bank: a wider selection of images will be used to develop an image bank from which can draw for their own communications products.

photographic book: with the drawing card of compelling images, a high-quality book provides the best medium for content that warrants greater contemplation (e.g. the interplay of policy and technology). (distributed through global retail outlets) Such a book is ideal for gifting to clients, employees and other stakeholders; sponsors will receive preferred pricing on bulk orders.

EnAct will also build connections to get energy stories into mainstream media. By bringing the global challenge of universal energy access to the level of personal impacts and innovative solutions, EnAct will generate media interest in related stories across multiple countries, thereby reaching diverse audiences.

Screenings. Exhibits. Events. Photo book. Media supports.

To bring energy dialogue into public spheres, EnAct will produce materials that support activities led by other actors.