On social media

The T&D of energy news

Reflecting its aim to be engage, inform, influence and empower, EnAct will serve as a transmission and distribution hub of energy news and  information. Our social media (SoMe) campaign will capitalize on diverse tools to tailor content to specific audiences.

The focus will be on building knowledge to demonstrate how all energy stakeholders – including concerned consumers – can contribute to the challenge of achieving universal access or reducing energy demand and impacts. In a bid to transform “followers” into “actors”, SoMe activities will often highlight a “call to action”.

While identifying people who want to learn more about energy as the primary target audience, EnAct also aims to build interest by other journalists and media outlets, and to facilitate broader interaction among NGOs, technology innovators, policy makers and other energy sector players.

Thus, it is equally important for EnAct to follow others who are active across the energy sphere to draw attention to initiatives and solutions that are responsible, progressive and viable.

To make energy more real and more relevant EnAct will strategically employ diverse social media tools.


EnAct is up and active on Facebook!

In keeping with the social network’s casual nature, EnAct is keeping this content rather “light and chatty”, giving followers the sense that they are part of the Project as it develops. As we carry out research, keep up on reading or get ready to out in the field, followers will have the sense of going “inside” the stories, and getting to know the Creative Team and the people we meet –, whether high-level experts, technology innovators, policy makers or individuals who have first-hand experience of living with energy poverty.


EnAct is using Twitter as a main news feed, tweeting/re-tweeting relevant content to quickly draw attention to energy developments and re-direct followers to in-depth coverage. Use the following hash-tags to follow the Team and/or members of the Advisory Committee.

EnAct:              @EnActNow

Harish Hande:   @Harishhande


With acclaimed photojournalists on the Team, EnAct will have thousands of images to share, from the moment photographers arrive on the scene through to the production of stories, including “B-roll” images that provide fresh insights. EnAct will also post energy-related images from experts and followers.

Strategic in multiple ways

Being global in scope, EnAct will run multiple SoMe activities simultaneously, ensuring that we reach local audiences with relevant information and messages while providing others with new insights into energy issues.

SoMe activity will be targeted by geographic regions, relevant issues and demographics based not only on anticipated level of interest in a given story, as well as on known patterns of SoMe use.


Regular updates on Project activity, including photos and video footage, coupled with strategic use of meta-tags and search phrases, will ensure that the EnAct website and blog rank high in major search engines.

EnAct will use tools such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to measure its reach, organically adapting the SoMe strategy to the way people react or interact with the ongoing campaign.

EnAct is building relationships with other organizations already active in development
and energy spheres that have large SoMe audiences.