Accuracy, credibility and due credit are core values of EnAct. 

So are the principles of effective story-telling.

EnFacts aims to balance the challenge of engaging non-expert audiences and appropriately sourcing information.

EnAct will weave facts and figures into content across all types of media and use this space to build a database of energy-related facts with links to original sources – making it easy for all followers to find out who did the research and assess its validity.

Contributing facts and figures is one of the easiest and most important ways to engage with EnAct. New findings can trigger a news item or editorial, provide the seed for infographic or interactive elements, or even drive the story line of a web documentary. EnFacts will also be a key element of EnAct’s social media campaign.

When a fact EnAct reports raises questions, we will look for an opportunity to stimulate online debate.

Stastistics. Analysis. Options. Choices.

Research across many areas of the energy sphere are vital to decision-making by all stakeholders.